Laser keyboard : R2-D2 Projection Virtual Keyboard, GADGET 2017

Let R2-D2 light the way with this virtual Laser keyboard:

Laser keyboardWrite an email to your most loved princess on a laser-anticipated, Celluon R2-D2 virtual console. The Original Sound Laser Keyboard incorporates 6 bleep-bloop sound impacts and serves as a multi-touch mouse on competent gadgets.

Jedi’s need attention too – this incredibly detailed replica of the original R2-D2 will surely turn heads in any universe.

R2-D2 Laser Projection Keyboard

Laser projection keyboard

Multi-touch mouse

Officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible (Limited U.S. production)

Works on any flat and opaque surface

Original R2-D2 sound effects

Full-size English QWERTY layout

Works with the latest Bluetooth devices

Compatible with iOS 4+ (iPhone, iPad), Mac OS X 10+, Android 4.0+, Windows XP+ and Blackberry 10 operating systems

Twist R2-D2 head to turn on/off

Illuminated lights

Adjust sound effect volume

Adjust brightness

Dimension – 2.75” W x 3.8” H x 1.9” D

Weight – 1 lb.

Laser keyboard Laser keyboard

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