New PICO PRO Enjoy “Big Screen Experience” gadget 2017


Create a “Big Screen Experience” at your fingertips:

Pico Pro is an ultra-portable, laser HD projector that puts a cinema in your pocket and a big screen experience at your fingertips. Go beyond the small screen to share movies, music videos, social media pictures or any content from your mobile devices anytime, anywhere with dual wireless or simple HDMI interfaces. This always-in-focus projector offers bold, bright colors and an always-in-focus, HD picture from a slim, lightweight projector. Pico Pro – The real big deal in a tiny package.

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  1. Kailyn
    Kailyn says:

    Doing a bit of net surfing and obsreved your website seems to be somewhat screwed up in my K-meleon web browser. However luckily scarcely anyone uses it anymore but you may want to look into it.


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