What is sexy smart phone case? Why we will use Smart phone cases?

Smart Phone Case Utility:

iphone-7-case-iPhone best caseWe love smartphone because A smartphone is a part of our life now. The smartphone is essential for our present era. According to a metering commissioned by we could know that 45% owners lost their phone, stolen or by varies causes of damaged. Smartphone owners who have damaged their phones, 37 percent scratched the screen, 29 percent spilled a drink on it, 29 percent dropped it down the stairs and 20 percent dropped it in the toilet and other places. iPhone best case

lather-case-and-wallet-iPhone best caseEnsuring a cell phone with a case is a simple call for plenty of cell phone owners. different cell phone owners, yet, do not suppose cell phone case insurance is, therefore, best. For one, no cell phone case or if nothing else, not one you’d have to be compelled to convey – will completely defend your phone from damage. cell phone cases likewise add mass to the telephone and might shroud cool elements of the cellphone’s style. just in case you are not super watchful, a case will even damage your cellular telephone.

Earth and trash barrel get got the case and also the cell phone and scratch the telephone’s finish off. The cell phone cases that supply likewise as may be expected to be pricey, significantly since you, for the most half, have to be compelled to get another one whenever you get another phone. At long last, cell phone cases will step in tying up. It’s an agony to need to get rid of your cellphone from its case whenever you would like to connect it to your auto or home stereo.

Only some of the crazy people don’t use cases on smartphones. As an example, people that participate in extreme phone pinching or those that take death-defying extreme selfies,

clear-case-iPhone best caseThe rest people risk-averse poor people grasp that brand new case prices! puts a case on your smartphone simply is sensible. Here’s why you should fully ignore my recommendation from last week and carry your phone around during a drop-, dust-, water-, thefts, and stupidity-proof vault. here are some tips and usefully feature like advice.

It’s TOO skinny and TOO lightweight- iPhone best case:

slim-leather-case-iPhone best case

Phones lately area unit, therefore, thin and then light-weight that they’re not terribly durable. A case adds much-needed extra bulk, therefore, your phone doesn’t break or bend.

None couldn’t go for phone insurance:

No one wants to share additional ex-pence monthly, and a big amount deductible, for peace of mind in case you drop or lose your phone? You’re no sucker! rather than shopping for phone insurance, you like to take care of your belongings. Well, a part of “taking care of your belongings” includes putting a case on your phone. The case is your phone insurance.

Scratches suck:

case-iPhone best casePhones square measure ultra-fragile pieces of glass—most of them are created out of tough is metal or plastic, and the glass they are doing use is special ultra-tough gorilla Glass and also the like. however, even though you never drop your phone or treat it, it most likely spends plenty of your time in your pocket or purse wherever it’s gonna get scratched to hell unless you’ve got a case on that..

Cases may shield all of your phones: 

Cases aren’t nice at protective the largest, most fragile a part of your phone: The screen. Drop your cased phone and the screen may still be in hassle. but cases do protect the remainder of your phone, just like the delicate electronic elements within. Your phone may be a piece of technology, after all.

Gionee ELIF E.5, LG, VIVO X5 MAX, OPPO R5 these are most slim and sexy smartphone. these users are never use case. Those are super slippery. But these are most slippy therefore need to a case because the difference between you holding onto or dropping your favorite device.

outerbox-case-iPhone best caseIt’s an older model:

You might assume it makes no sense to place a protecting case on your older phone since it’s not such as you very care if it breaks. however, a case will quite simply protect: It hides the very fact that you’re still rocking the first Nexus One.

You take your phone all over:

Literally everywhere. Even places you most likely shouldn’t, just like the bathroom or on a date. Though you’re not a naturally someone. It’s highly unlikely that a convenience. That spends twenty-four hours daily with you is rarely reached to be accidentally knocked off a table.

Some cases are a quite simply protecting cover:

Cases do, quite simply protect! There are a unit lots of Multifunction cases out there that act as wallets, battery packs, bottle openers, and teasers. Yes, teasers.

A case makes your phone distinctive:

Got the most recent it fun? Guess what. Thus will everybody else. Putt a case on your phone won’t simply brag your temperament, it’ll additionally assist you to establish your device.


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