zika virus : Here Is Some Common Question & Answer @Egypt update

Zika-bearing mosquitoes quickly invade and adapt to new environments:




The Zika-bearing mosquito Aedes aegypti is not only spreading rapidly but has shown a remarkable ability to adapt quickly to different locales and climates, according to Jeffrey Powell, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and environmental health sciences.

The mosquito species, which also transmits yellow fever and chikungunya, has reached as far north as northern California and southern Georgia, Powell reports in a review of science studies published Nov. 25 in the journal Science. A pocket of overwintering mosquitoes was also discovered in Washington D.C.

“This is a dynamic species that is changing rapidly as it adapts to human activities,” Powell said. For instance, Aedes aegypti apparently survives colder winters in Washington D.C. by entering sewers, which it does not do in other habitats. In California, the drought may have driven mosquitoes to more populated areas with water sources such as swimming pools.

The species often hitchhikes on products such as ornamental plants or used tires, which are shipped to other parts of the world. And a more benign and close genetic cousin found mostly in sub-Saharan Africa appears to be interbreeding with its more aggressive relative, increasing the risk for the spread of yellow fever in those areas, said the Yale researcher.

Powell and colleagues at Yale are studying genetics of the mosquitoes to pinpoint their source of origin.

“We are getting warmer and it won’t take much before mosquitoes expand their northern limits,” Powell said.

 Here Is Some Common Question & Answer About ‘Zika Virus’

Zika virus was first detected in brazil in may 2015
The virus has long circulated in Africa and Asia.
But it is new to the Western Hemisphere’
This time 1.5 million people are thought to have been infected in Brazil.
The virus has spread to Latin America and the Caribbean.
One in five people devlop sign like
fever and joiunt pain they go away within a week
if a pregnant women is infected, the virus can cause brain damage in her unborn child.
Several thoughand babies in Brazil could have
microcephaly abnormally small heads and often deformed brains.
The W.H.O. said consensus that Zika vairus was the main cause.
Brazilian doctors have linked Zika vairus to a rare condition
which causes temporary paralysis in patients of all ages but causation has not been proven.
Zika is transmitted by the mosquitoes that carry YELLOW fever, chikungunya and dengue.
That type of mosquito is present in the United States.
but mosquito control in the U.S. is better than in latin America.
The U.S. is advising pregnant women not travel to where the virus is prevalent.
There is evidence that Zika virus can spread through sexual contact.
A person who contracted the virus in Venezuela gave it to a sexual partner in Dallas.
Men having sex after traveling where the disease is prevalent should consider wearing condoms, federal health officials have said.
Woman asked to wait until 2018 to become pregnant
The World health organization has declared a global health emergency.
A lot is unknown the Zika virus.

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