Celluon Epic Magic Cube Virtual Mouse & Keyboard Description: Gadget 2017

Epic A dazzling display of innovation:

A little goes so much. it is so very little, nevertheless therefore large in a solitary flick of a switch. Epic is that the most decreased , data input arrangement ever.Epic ventures a settled console style onto any level and misty surface in a very protected sort of laser. Writing is much simple. enclosed mouse highlight tracks your common developments and should diminish weight staring you within the face.


virtual - mouse


Multi-touch mouse function:

– Use common mouse feature with Windows and Mac OS X devices

– Tracks natural movement of your finger

– Scroll, zoom in/out, click, right-click, page forward/back

– Multi-touch gestures on supported devices (Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10+)




epic-keybord-mouse epic-keyword

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  1. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    This was never supposed to be a 2-parter: I had intended to finish the thing off and post it all as one. But what you see took ages. I am the king of prtaiastincoron sometimes. So I ultimately thought posting it would urge me on to the finish. Alas, my laziness continues. Let’s add an extra week ..or so.. to the ETA on the 2nd half.


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