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iPhone 8 Comes With Invisible Camera

iPhone 8 is bringing invisible camera

The whole world jumps into a new excitement every time and this is because of iPhone 8 of Apple. No exception is seen this time. Only after some months, apple’s iPhone 8 is launching in the market and humming & gibbering is already started about it.

The renowned technologists of the world have already begun to storm their brain about what will be there and what will not be there in coming iPhone 8.

According to the Chinese Daily DigiTimes, there will be the stainless steel covered phone instead of aluminum back cover at present. So it will be fully stainless steel covered. Again, there will be crystal clear glass in the front aged by metals. For the use of stainless steel, iPhone 8 will be the strongest among all the iPhones predecessor. It is said that stainless steel is used for reducing the time-consuming unit and saving money. 

On top of that, there will be OLED curve. Newness is introducing in terms of camera and speaker. The camera and speaker will be so tiny just behind the screen that they will hardly be seen.

i phone 8 oled display

Besides, various kind of info will click on the screen for the use of many sensors. Foxconn Electronics who was at the beginning of Apple is working with them again in this project. Various elements are bringing from this American organization.

A whole new diversion is coming here in 2017 by Apple in their unique design

Some pictures have already been published. It is claimed that those published pictures are from iPhone 8. 

iphone 8 image
No special changes have been made after the launching of iPhone 4 up to iPhone 5 in respect of design by Apple. iPhone 6 has brought some changes. But in iPhone 7 there were not many visible changes.
This time Apple won’t bring the previous design. A great change is going to be taken place in this new addition. It is thought that right and left side of the screen in this new version will be curved glass. A very strong glass frame can be used instead of a metal body.
Similarly, in terms of camera, processor, and memory some essential changes can be brought that standardizes the new dimension of Smart Phone. The most talked topic of the news of iPhine has leaked from such a source that makes the product for Apple. It is suspected that someone who works in that company may leak out the pictures.

Likely to launch early September 2017

iPhone 8 Price More than $650 

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