The ultra-portable, full-size projection Medical Keyboard – @gadget 2017

Experience the Magic with Celluon


The Magic Cube is a smaller and adaptable item; it is a projection console and multi-touch mouse, all in one simple to-utilize item. It associates effectively to any Bluetooth HID gadgets, including the most recent iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets.

You can likewise plug-n-play with Windows working framework. With only a solitary flick of a switch, the Magic Cube is prepared to match with your cell phone. It fits effectively in your pocket and it is ideal for on the go. You’ll make sure to stop people in their tracks the minute you begin writing on the Magic Cube.


Medical Keyboard:


Normally utilized items as a part of medicinal environment are inclined to cross-pollution through germs and hurtful microbes. A PC console is known to have five times a greater number of bugs than a latrine.

The console is expanding the danger of its clients and patients turning out to be sick, and doctor’s facilities have been included in tireless push to address sanitation issues – Until now. Presenting the Medic: Celluon Medical Keyboard.

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